A guide to print for food and drink manufacturers

A guide to print for food and drink manufacturers

By Andrew Axford, Project Delivery Manager at Visual Print and Design

If you are a food or drink manufacturer and thinking of creative ways to improve your marketing efforts, you have come to the right place.

No matter how delicious your products are, brand visibility and the quality of your print materials is crucial. That is because visuals and how you present your product range can either make your potential customers hungrier or lose their appetite.

So how do you go about making your products stand out on busy shelves? And increase brand awareness?

By utilising the power of print!

Here are eight essential print items that all food and drink businesses need to master:

1. Packaging – When it comes to standing out on shelves, your choice of packaging and the look and feel is crucial. It has the power to attract customers and is a visual representation of the culinary or drinking experience your product offers. It is also worth considering how you can make your packaging eco-friendly by using sustainably-sourced stock.

2. Labels and tags – While it is a legal requirement to provide certain information to consumers on labels, it does not mean they have to be boring. With hundreds and thousands of food and drink products available to choose from at your local supermarket, your labelling needs to stand out from the crowd. That is because the look and feel of your label are possibly the no.1 deciding factor for most consumers when making their purchasing decisions.

3. Product guides – If you are trying to stock your products into retail or hospitality venues, you need to provide the buyers with as much information as possible to help them make the right decision and demonstrate your benefits and profitability.

4. Promotional merchandise – Want to keep your business top of mind with the customers you care about most? Use branded merchandise! Whether you are utilising them at trade shows or as giveaways with purchases, promo items truly have amazing buying power.

5. Exhibition stands – We all know how cost-effective trade shows and expos can be for food and drink manufacturers. That is why you need to have a stand that looks the part, encourages attendees to visit your stand and leaves them with a great taste in their mouth.

6. Leaflets and review cards – If you have an e-commerce food and drink company, then you need to be doing all you can to get repeat business. A great way to ensure repeat orders (as well as upselling) is by including marketing collateral with each order. We highly recommend the use of review cards to increase positive reviews online and credibility.

7. Freestanding displays – Nothing is better at making your products stand out in shops than by having a fully branded and eye-catching display unit. Not only can they influence buyer behaviour, but they can increase product visibility and maximise brand impact at the point of purchase.

8. Posters – Whether you are pushing a new offer, a new product or seasonal promotions, posters are a sure way to grab the attention of people in busy retail stores. These can be placed on walls to be seen from afar, on windows to encourage people to come inside, or hanging from the ceiling to maximise impact.

Need help growing your food or drink business? At Visual Print and Design we have over ten years of experience creating and producing ‘mouth-watering’ print solutions for food and drink manufacturers across the UK.

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About Andrew Axford

Andrew has over 10 years of varied experience in the print industry and his speciality is in print finishing and fulfilment. Andrew will be responsible for delivering a wide variety of print and design projects and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout.

Before joining Visual Print and Design, Andrew helped run a family-owned trade print finishing business before spending nearly 20 years in food and drink sales.

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