The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company Win Awards At The Great British Food Awards

The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company Win Awards At The Great British Food Awards

The Great British Food Awards celebrate the country’s finest home-grown ingredients and artisanal produce, as well as the hard-working people behind the scenes. 

After months of testing and tasting more than a thousand products, the winners of the Great British Food Awards 2023 have been announced.

The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company proudly won, not one but two, Silver Badge Awards for Lincolnshire Tea Paper Tea Bags and Pai Mu Tan White Tea & Mango Tipi Bags. 

According to The Great British Food Awards, this year, the awards were bigger and better than ever, with lots of new categories and amazing celebrity judges…


“Your hard work and dedication have truly shone through, and this recognition is well-deserved.”

“Your achievements are a testament to your excellence, your product has impressed the judges and stood out among the competition.”

The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company were overjoyed by the highly renowned celebrity judge feedback. A word from Susie, Founder, The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company We are hugely proud of our products and it is always nice to receive positive feedback and accreditations, especially from such a prestigious source. This is a testament to the hard work of our team, suppliers and fresh approach.”

Launched back in 2017, Lincolnshire Tea™ is a special blend of high grown tea from East Africa and the fertile floodplains of the Brahmaputra in Assam. Carefully selected quality teas, blended and taste tested in the traditional way, to achieve a brilliant colour and exceptional flavour, even when brewed with the hardest water. The blend has a biscuity flavour laced with notes of malt, which can be enjoyed all day. 


“We all love a good cup of tea. Lincolnshire Tea is always my first drink of the day in a china cup. It has been heartwarming hearing the lovely feedback over these years from its many fans spread across the world. I am proud to think about how far it has travelled, as well as its own journey and achievements of this multi-award winning tea.” Susie, Founder, The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company

Pai Mu Tan white tea is a gentle, fresh tea with light floral notes. An exclusive tea grown in the Fujian province where the two leaves of the tea bud are picked by hand. This Pai Mu Tan has been paired with mango, resulting in a luxurious and delicious cup.

“Very easy drinking and something rather special. One of our favourites, we love to enjoy it any time of day. A lovely alternative to black tea for afternoon tea, it is a great accompaniment to many foods including salads and stir-fries.” Susie, Founder, The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company

Enjoy our multi-award-winning products for yourself

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