Stokes Tea & Coffee: Online and takeaway service

Stokes Tea & Coffee: Online and takeaway service

The great ‘British Bulldog’ spirit has got us through some seriously tough times in this country.

The mantra ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ along with copious amounts of cups of tea, (or coffee), has always been the quintessential English approach to cope with an impending crisis.

Now more than ever, in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are all being encouraged to adopt the same approach, and as the Government describes it – we must embrace the ‘Blitz spirit’.

Stokes Tea & Coffee is a family company that has weathered many storms since it was established back in 1902. It has witnessed two world wars, the great economic depression, and previous pandemics.

Just a few short weeks ago it was unimaginable that in 2020, Nick Peel, the fourth generation and current MD at Stokes, would find himself leading the company through a global pandemic. But, like their predecessors, Nick and his team are determined to continue to work together with colleagues, communities, customers and local producers to get through the latest and greatest challenges that COVID-19 may bring.

The company not only roasts its own coffee for retail and wholesale, but also runs cafés in Lincoln.

To ensure every customer can continue to get their favourite coffee, tea, cakes and even comforting meals the Stokes team are making products available online and even introducing a takeaway service at The Lawn Café.

The company is also connecting with local numerous support and community groups so that individuals can collect hot meals for the growing number of vulnerable people who are now housebound.

The meals on offer are being prepared to order, use local and fresh ingredients. Stokes has always believed that a partnership approach is critical and says it will do whatever it can to continue to support its people, customers and communities, no matter what.

For more information call: 01522 581 921 or 01522523548


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