Lincolnshire Food Partnership: Combating Food Waste

Lincolnshire Food Partnership: Combating Food Waste

The aim of Food Waste Action Week (7th – 13th March 2022) is to create lasting change that helps to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goal of halving global food waste by 2030.

Our colleagues at the Lincolnshire Food Partnership have shared how they can help Lincolnshire food producers and manufactures repurpose food waste.

Combating Food Waste

It is still true that food waste is responsible for up to 10%* of global greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing waste from our plates, storing food correctly and supporting your local food banks with food are all sound methods of small scale waste reduction.

So how could we all do more? An impactful way to reduce food waste is simply buy Lincolnshire produce from your nearest shop or supplier.

So much of the produce locked into contracts between large scale suppliers and retailers is ultimately wasted. By wasted I mean not feeding people.  It’s all well and good food making its way to compost, animal feed or biodigesters. If time, labour, skills and energy have been invested in this produce in order to get it onto people’s plates then I’m afraid this is still waste.

If you are a food supplier or manufacturer and you regularly have small scale surplus that could be repurposed and worked back into the food system then please get in contact with the Lincolnshire Food Partnership via

There are projects taking shape right now in our county to tackle true food waste and keep feeding communities. Food poverty is sadly still on the rise across the county. Food Banks are preparing themselves for an uplift in referrals due to the continuing rise in the cost of energy. Donations can be made directly to your nearest Food bank. The LFP Food Banks map shows locations, opening times and contact details.

We are extremely fortunate to be living in the county known as ‘the breadbasket of England’. We have plenty, let’s make the most of all that we have.

For more information on how Lincolnshire Food Partnership can help you and your business, email

*The UN Environment Programme

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