Changing our Approach to Food Waste Webinar

3.6 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry every year in the UK and over 2 million tonnes of the food that goes to waste each year is still edible.

How can food and drink businesses reduce food waste across their operations, save money and develop more long-term sustainable outcomes?

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ChicP is a sustainable food brand producing Veggie Bites and Hummus made from surplus vegetables.

Driven by a passion to change attitudes around food waste, Hannah McCollum, Founder, set up ChicP in 2015 to champion the use of locally sourced produce and repurposing surplus vegetables.

We will hear from Hannah who will share her journey of how she has developed a sustainable food brand, the aspirations she has for further growth and thoughts on how the food and drink sector can play its part in reducing food waste.

We will also be joined by Ticky Nadal and Laura Stratford, Joint Co-ordinators at Lincolnshire Food Partnership, who will share the initiatives they are currently working on to support a more integrated local food system.

Pierce O’Connor, FareShare Midlands, will share an update of the Food Hub project in Lincoln, in association with the Lincolnshire Co-op and Lincolnshire Food Partnership, and how producers from across Lincolnshire can participate.


10.30am – Welcome – Alex Bavin, Lincolnshire Food and Drink

10.35 – Interview with Hannah McCollum, Founder, ChicP

11.05 – Ticky Nadal and Laura Stratford, Joint Co-ordinators from Lincolnshire Food Partnership

11.20  – Pierce O’Connor, Food Supply and Project Co-ordinator, FareShare Midlands

11.35 – Panel discussion and Q&A

Midday – Close

Hannah McCollum, Founder, ChicP

ChicP was born in 2016 after Hannah McCollum , witnessed huge amounts of food waste whilst working as a private chef.

To get around this, and as a humus lover bored of bland alternatives, she would convert leftovers salads into tasty dips for the next day. Hannah transformed her love of healthy food and passion for change into a business that, today, creates sustainable, plant – based products and helps British farmers.

ChicP aims to help people make good choices for health, taste and the environment. They aspire to do this on a larger scale and become part of a wider movement of change within the world of food and farming.

Visit ChicP's website

Ticky Nadal and Laura Stratford, Joint Co-ordinators, Lincolnshire Food Partnership

Laura Stratford and Ticky Nadal jointly co-ordinate the Lincolnshire Food Partnership, a not-for-profit partnership working collaboratively towards a fairer, greener, healthier food system.

The Food Partnership offers a local and regional response to global issues, recognising interconnectedness of food security, poverty, health, waste, climate and biodiversity.

The Partnership connects and supports organisations and enterprises across the food system, from farmers and producers to community organisations and schools, to foodbanks and faith groups and more, working together towards a better food system.

Laura’s background is in education, community and environment; Ticky’s background is in food product design and consultancy. We share a passion for changing the food system, to provide nutritious, sustainably produced food for all.

Visit the Lincolnshire Food Partnership's website

Pierce O’Conner, Food Supply and Project Co-ordinator, FareShare Midlands

Pierce has been with FareShare Midlands since January 2021, working in a projects role that has an emphasis on finding solutions for the more effective use of surplus/waste foods.

Having worked in multiple roles across the food industry, Pierce has experienced first-hand the ‘micro’ level of food waste in food manufacturing and hospitality. With an ambition to tackle these issues, he pursed a new role with FareShare Midlands, where he could start addressing food waste on both macro and micro level.

FareShare Midlands turn an environmental problem into a social solution; tackling food waste and fighting hunger by supporting frontline charities with good quality food.

Pierce was project lead for the Lincoln food hub, helping to establish a great asset to Lincolnshire’s food infrastructure.

Visit FareShare Midland's website

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