Leading a Food Revolution | Why we are Hungry for Change

Does the perfect food system exist? If so, what does it look like and how do we get there? 

The Humber & Greater Lincolnshire has the perfect opportunity to play a leading role in combatting the challenges faced by the food system and in cultivating an approach that is fair, healthy and sustainable.

With a growing national obesity crisis, rising food bills, increasing pressure to reduce our carbon footprint and the pandemic all highlighting food insecurity across the globe, we are hungry for change. Now is the time for exciting and innovative developments – including new technology, plant-based alternatives and low carbon solutions – to be harnessed in order to accelerate positive changes within the food and drink sector.

As the country’s largest food producing region with over 103,000 people employed in its food and agriculture sector, our region has an opportunity to play a crucial, leading role in this transition – creating a system that is positive for people and our planet.

Join Team Lincolnshire and Marketing Humber at Forest Pines on 12th May to learn more about the Humber & Greater Lincolnshire’s food ambition and contribution to a wider food revolution. Hear from industry leaders about their vision for the future of the food system. Meet some of the fantastic food and drink businesses based across the regions and experience for yourself some of the best produce in the country.

Let’s work together and play our part in the solution.

Martin Collison, Agrifood Advisor to the UK Food Valley TeamWith over 35 years experience in the agrifood industry, Martin will lead the discussion around the national food strategy and the future of our global food system. Setting the scene for our guest speakers to showcase local projects harnessing innovation, new technology and low carbon solutions to accelerate positive change within the food and drink sector.

Anne Laudage, Interim Marketing Manager, Young’s Seafood: will share Young’s vision for a fairer, healthier and more sustainable food system, demonstrating how they are adapting to future needs through innovation and driving positive change in the food sector with a focus on health and wellbeing.

Ruchita Green, Owner and Chef at Masala Masters: Ruchita will share her vision for the future of our food system as a chef working with local producers, demonstrating passion for local food and her ambition to get people in the community and students cooking fresh, healthy and sustainable food on a regular basis.

Janet Bellamy, Associate Professor of Digitalisation and Food Processing, National Centre For Food Manufacturing: With over 30 years’ experience in the food and drink sector, Janet will share her vision for the future of the food system, including opportunities on the horizon for our businesses and exciting progress in robotic solutions for the food and drink supply chain.

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