Defining waste: how does waste impact the environment and what can we do to reduce it?

Organizations must understand the impact their waste management has on the environment and establish plans to reduce it. Waste management isn’t just about sewage, but any resource that is wasted or has become unusable in production processes.

BSI actively support clients and organizations to advocate best practice, champion sustainability and boost organizational resilience.

We can help you achieve your sustainability goals for waste whatever they may be, for any organisation large or small – at the beginning of your sustainability journey or at a point where extra support can help you to achieve objectives and progress onto the next step

Join us on the 13 September where our experts will take you through a path to understanding the problem of waste and how to reduce your environmental impact.

Topics covered:

  1. Waste – what is the problem and how do we define it?
  2. How aligned is the waste problem to climate change?
  3. How is ‘single use’ married to waste?
  4. What standards exist in the field of waste and resource management
  5. Can the journey to circular economy for a business be supported through standards and a management system approach?
  6. How can this approach be optimised
  7. What can we expect in the future (EU/UK regulatory landscape).

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