Circular Procurement to reduce costs and environmental impacts

Food and drink organisations are operating in a fast-moving sector. Governments are pulling organisations to comply with ambitious targets and strategies. Customers are pushing your teams to be more sustainable and responsible. Businesses can make a significant and positive impact simply by re-evaluating how they work with their supply chains. This webinar will outline how you can take practical steps to adopt circular procurement practices in your operations. This will lead to greater supply chain resilience, protection from changing legislation (and fluctuating costs), reduced environmental impacts and improved social benefits. The 1-hour webinar covers the following topics with questions / discussion at the end:

An introduction to procurement law:

  1. Key procurement law


What is the Circular Economy?

  1. An introduction to the circular economyo The principles of a circular economy
  2. What a circular economy looks like in practice


Bringing circularity into your procurement processes

  1. Implementing circularity across your procurement processes; from supplier assessment to tender evaluation
  2. Supplier assessment opportunities
  3. ITT / Contract clauses for consideration
  4. Evaluation and weighting suggestions
  5. Case studies where organisations have benefitted from circular procurement

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