FREE Monday Motivation: Amazon and online marketplaces

Globally, online sales will make up 15-20% of the food and beverage industry’s overall sales by 2025: 10x more than it did in 2016.

Bread & Jam have put together a panel of food producers who currently sell their products on Amazon or other online marketplaces to share their experiences of getting listed and the benefits of doing so for food & drinks businesses.

Find Out

  • Which marketplaces work best
  • What are the marketplaces that are great but often overlooked
  • How to make money on Amazon
  • How to drive sales on Amazon
  • What products and deals work best selling on Amazon
  • What you should do yourself and and what should you outsource
  • How to find a good agency


Rafael Rozenson, founder of Vieve

Rafael is the founder of Vieve, a leading supplier of protein waters in the UK. Vieve have seen 2443% growth over the past four years since first year of launch and are still growing with 134% growth year to date for 2022. They are #1 in their category for over 4 years, Amazon’s choice across over half dozen different categories (e.g. protein water, ready to drink protein drinks, healthy drinks, etc. They are sending on average 10-15 pallets per week to Amazon in only one market (UK).

Ed Armitage, co-founder of Take Stock Foods

Ed is the co-founder of Take Stock Foods, a leading UK bone broth brand, and Field Work Group, an e-commerce agency. Following a 20 year career in private-equity backed brands and retailers he launched Take Stock on Amazon in 2020 during lockdown, and grew it to £1mm run rate within 12 months.

Jeff Webster, co-founder of Hunter and Gather

Jeff is the co-founder and CVO of Hunter and Gather, which is on track for £5 million revenue this year with £6M revenue since start up. Hunter and Gather have reached 62,000 homes thanks to Amazon sales and have over 3,500 Subscribe and Save customers on Amazon. They are also quite unique in that this has all been achieved with a minimal (£260K) amount of investment to date.

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